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Record player
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THE flagship CDT makes your stereo dream a reality

Jay's Audio CDT3-MK3 is the ultimate CD transport for the audiophile with highest expectations regarding musicality and precision of the music reproduction.

Despite the similar appearance, CDT3-MK3 had all difference and great improvement compared to its previous predecessors.

Its pure design is the result of all the technology accumulation and experiences of years in making a Hi-End CD transport.

Well-thought-out, well-engineered CDT3-MK3 yields extremely high price and performance ratio. Equipped with low noise, low phase noise, low jitter, ultra precision Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator - foundation of superior sonic performance. With the SC-CUT OCXO and Low-Jitter PLL technology, the residual jitter at below 1ps is effectively undetectable with the test equipment/analyzer available on the market.

Completely segregated Proprietary AC Power Filtering, Encapsulated AC Transformers, found underneath the milled alloy platform to reduce the EMI from contaminating the sensitive circuitry.

Boutique grade high quality components were used for tuning / voicing of the CDT.

Tremendous amount of attentions to vibration control were implemented.

Innovative approach to address the vibration by means of a massive CNC milled aluminum plate which divided the chassis into two independent partitions for power supply and signal path. ​

All parts and components are mounted on both side of this base plate which is mechanical grounded by 3 stand columns.



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