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Record player
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The Jay's is simply better in my system!

The CDT2-MK2 arrived safely yesterday. I have been playing it ever since. I did some initial comparisons to my msb transport and I have to say that even at this early stage the Jay's transport is performing better than the msb.

Low level detail, transparency and fluidity have all improved. I kept going back and forth between the 2 transports for a few hours with various music, but my findings did not change.

The Jay's is simply better in my system. I have now removed the msb from the rack and will be putting it up for sale. My only wish would be to be able to turn the display off when not in use instead of using the power switch, but this is only minor. I could not be happier with my purchase. When funds allow I will think about getting your dac to go with the transport.

Credit: Simon P.

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