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Record player
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the new Rivo/LPS combination

I hope that you and your loved ones had a very enjoyable New Year’s celebration!  

Just a quick note to share that I continue to enjoy the new Rivo/LPS combination.  I had initially experimented with connectivity using digital coax, USB, and AES/EBU.  

My least favorite was the coax, even though I was using an excellent cable.  

I ended up using the AES/EBU cable, as I felt that it provided a more spacious and airy soundstage.  I’m kind of an “air guy”.  I usually can’t get enough of it.  

However, recently I recalled your recommending the USB connectivity and I gave that cable another try.  I did lose some openess to the soundstage, but I also gained more “meat” and density to the sound and images.  

I’ve left the USB cable in, as I’m finding that it provides a nice balance between solidity of the soundstage, as well as providing ample air.  

Thanks so much, as always, for sharing your insightful observations.   :-)

All the best to you!  

Michael @ US

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