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Record player
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The Node 2/2i PSU kit and LPS25VA are a revelation in my system

The Node 2/2i PSU kit and LPS25VA are a revelation in my system. The Bluesound Node is a great entry level streamer. High resolution music from Qobuz seemed lacking compared to vinyl or CDs. Online research suggested upgrading the power supply in the Node would be beneficial. It seemed like a low risk potentially cost effective experiment.

Installation was straightforward referencing the online instructions and Alvin’s Vinshine Audio channel on YouTube. With just a little bit of dexterity you are good to go.

To my surprise the PSU kit and LPS brought new life to the streamer. The noise floor is significantly lower. The “blackness” between notes is clearly better. There is better clarity and spatial cues related to the lower noise floor. Individual musicians are a bit more precise in the soundstage. Little nuances in note decay are appreciated. Frankly it is a completely different streamer. Please note I am not using the dac in the Node. In my system this has been a significant cost effective upgrade. I’ve stopped looking for a new streamer. Highly recommended!

My system: Spatial Audio M3s speakers, Don Sachs Valhalla integrated amp, Audio Mirror DAC, Bluesound 2i Node with upgraded PSU KIT and LPS25VA, Rega P3, Hana ML cart and Moon phono preamp. Black Cat cables.

Credit: Mike S. @ United States

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2023년 3월 30일

Hello, I have completed the same upgrade and did it to tame my desire to move on from the node 2i as a DAC. Totally astonished the difference this kit made in sound quality! Will I eventually buy a stand alone DAC, well of course, it’s the nature of this hobby/way of life, however, without a doubt I afforded myself some additional time while I appreciate this upgrade. Matching is Alvin and his team, excellent customer service, this is a no brainer purchase.

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