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Record player
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The upgrade of your OCK-1 is nothing less than spectacular

My current system contains:

  • DAC: Gustard R26 with LHY OCK-1

  • Amp: Cayin HA-3A with Fivre 6V6G and Philips E80CC SQ Tubes Headphones: Hifiman HE1000 v2 . ZMF Auteur LTD Wenge . Grado The Hemp Network: Wifi Access Point into Fibre Optic Media Converter into the Gustard Streamer

  • Software: Roon with HQPlayer Upsampling

The upgrade of your OCK-1 is nothing less than spectacular. Everything gets so much more „air“ and the music just breath effortless.

Highs become a lot smoother and relaxed without loosing detail and sub-bass and bass becomes tight, accurate and very punchy.

I will make a lot of rumble now in the forums and especially on head-fi for you clock - this is amazing :-)

Stay safe and have a nice weekend :-)


Dominik @ Germany

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