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Record player
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...very glad that I made the purchase!

I am running the CDT through an "all tube" signal path... Hard to describe in words...

1. Great definition (holographic) of all the instruments (voices) in a recording.

2. Noticeable tighter bass - butl deeper.

3. Great "attack" (speed) - both on the low end - kick drum, and in stoccato passages in strings..

4. The presentation is very balanced.

5. Soundstage is wide and "abstract" - in other words does not feel contrived, but is free-form sonically (like live music)

This is just a after a few sessions...

My system:

  • Lampizator Atlantic Gold DAC

  • Allnic L4000 preamp

  • Music Reference RM200 MKII amplifier

  • Magnepan 3.7i's

I just sounds great - a big improvement over the previous - Luxman, Rega, Ayon TEC Cd's that have gone before - very glad that I made the purchase!

Seth A. , Pennsylvania, United States

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