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Record player

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Record player
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Your power supply [LPS-A6] is unbelievable

I received the item it'is installed and am very happy with the service and quality of the product thanks  

Photos of my system are attached Project debut carbon evo turntable with power supply  Yamaha AS1200 integrated amp exposure pre / power amp Marantz CD 6007 player and Musical fidelity phono stage and Willsenton R8 tube amp. DAC is SMSL  VMV D1se, Speaker Dali oberon 5.   2 Wharfedale SW 150 subwoofers.

Your power supply is unbelievable the first thing I noticed is the Bass it is more solid it got more meat on the bone so to speak more detail  I can't believe that it made so much difference and it is not burnt in as yet .Thank you very much. 

Credit: Matthew M. @ UK

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