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Record player
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Very high quality items.

I have received everything. Very high quality items.

I use the 5VDC LPS for the Bluesound Node with the LPS interface for Node from a Polish vendor (

To give you the details, the Node is connected to Denafrips Gaia with USB (AudioQuest Forest) and Gaia connected to my existing DAC (SMSL VMV D1se) with Coax (Ricable Dedalus). I hope to get a new DAC in the future so I can use I2S. This is a small DAC but I like the sound.

The Node and the SW-8 are in the right corner with LPS on the left. Please forgive my messy cables.

After the DAC, it is connected via RCA (Ricable Magnus) to my Denon receiver used as a preamp in my home theater setup. In the future I would hope to get a preamp/processor with balanced XLR ports, but I am quite happy with the system for now.

Hope you like the pictures. Thank you and take care.

John T @ US

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