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Record player
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VirtualHiFi: Beatechnik LHY LPS-A6 is well worth it in 2024 !!!

We are proud to announce another release of a review video from VirtualHiFi featuring our LPS-A6.

Are you an audiophile seeking to elevate your music streaming experience? Look no further! In this video, we delve into the world of high-resolution digital music streaming and explore how the Beatechnik LHY LPS-A6 Linear Power Supply can transform your Eversolo DMP A6 streamer.

Introduction to the LPS-A6: The LPS-A6 is a brainchild of the exclusive collaboration between Beatechnik and LHY Audio.

Designed and hand-built by highly skilled electronics crews, this linear power supply is purpose-built for the Eversolo DMP A6. Let’s explore its features and benefits.

Seamless Integration with Eversolo DMP A6:

The LPS-A6 seamlessly integrates with the Eversolo DMP A6 streamer, thanks to Beatechnik’s non-destructive modification design. No soldering required!

Audiophiles, take note: The LPS-A6 enhances the already outstanding performance of the Eversolo DMP A6. Expect a wider soundstage, improved imaging, and refined tonality.

Dual Isolated LDO DC Power: The LPS-A6 ensures clean power delivery to your streamer.

Hand-Built Excellence: Crafted with precision by skilled electronics artisans.

Easily install the LPS-A6 in 10-15 minutes—no special tools or soldering needed.

Audiophiles who have upgraded rave about the LPS-A6’s impact. The sound quality improvement exceeds expectations, with wider soundscapes and enhanced tonal accuracy.

Credit: Grzegorz,

Creator @ VirtualHiFi and its YouTube channel  

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