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Record player
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We're getting a little closer to listening to vinyl

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

After the lapse of time necessary for a satisfactory “burn in” (although still less than 400 hours!), as well as a sufficiently long listening time, I share with you my subjective appreciation of the CDT3.

Listening to the CDT2 with the Lampizator DAC was already at a very high level. The contribution of CDT3 is an undeniable plus, even if it does not “bury” CDT2.

I mainly find: - a gain in the truth and materiality of the physical presence of instruments, musicians, singers. - a further step forward, for some very well-recorded CDs, on the leveling and depth of the sound stage. - an even more “analog” character listening than with the CDT2, which was already a strong point. We're getting a little closer to listening to vinyl (which I still prefer, however).

I hope I have thus answered your request for feedback on my part on listening to the CDT3 (which I prefer to leave at 16Bit / 44.1kHz).

Jacques @ France

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