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What is a Master Clock Generator?

Before we talk about 'Master' Clock Generator, let's discuss what is a Clock Generator.

A Clock Generator is an electronic device (Crystal Oscillator) that produces a clock signal at specified frequency. The clock signal is used in synchronising the circuit operation.

In audio world, we often encounter clock frequencies in 10MHz; 45.1584MHz, 49.152MHz and its arithmetically divisible frequencies.

These clock frequencies are generated by a Clock Generator, often built-in to the digital audio equipment, namely, Streamer, CDP, CDT, DAC, etc. Every digital audio equipment operated with a built-in clock generator for its internal synchronisation / signal processing.

A Master Clock Generator is the device that provides the clock signal to the device(s) for synchronisation. The connected devices are called 'slave', that form a part of the clock network, where the slave devices are synced with the Master Clock. Typically, the clock frequency of such Master Clock Generator in pro-audio / studio environment is 10MHz.

Not to be confused with the Word Clock. The 44.1kHz and 48kHz are typically used as Word Clock signal to the receiving digital device to lock the incoming digital data stream.

DENAFRIPS Master Clock Generator Terra / Aether, supports two groups of fixed 45.1584MHz, 49.152MHz output and adjustable clock output:

  • 44.1kHz, 48kHz

  • 11.2896MHz, 12.288MHz

  • 22.5792MHz, 24.576MHz

LHY Audio OCK-1 Master Clock Generator, on the other hand, supports 10MHz outputs.

Take away:

If you are after the best audio quality, and one or more of your equipment supports Master Clock Sync Input, it is worth considering to invest in a good quality clocking device.

When choosing the Master Clock Generator, it's mandatory to verify the following:

  • Clock Frequency (10MHz / 22.5MHz, 24.576MHz / etc)

  • Impedance (50Ω / 75Ω)

  • Waveform: Sine-wave / Square-wave

Here is a short video introduction of the LHY Audio OCK-1 Master Clock, happy watching!


LHY Audio OCK-1 | Master Clock Generator

10MHz Master Clock Generator equipped with OCXO (Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator) powered by Ultra-Low-Noise Linear Power Supply.


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