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Record player
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Who need a CD transport in 2021

Who need a CD transport in 2021? ...Audiophile!

Have i done the right thing? That question has been in my mind while i was waiting for my CDT2-MK3 to arrive. I wasn't sure that buying a CD transport in 2021, even with my 200+ cd collection, was the way to go. The Jay's Audio CDT2-MK3 has put a end to my anxiety after only a few days in my system. This transport is so immersive that my speaker completely disappear. I thought i knew what hifi was but i didn't until now.

System: sources:

  • Jay's Audio CDT2-MK3

  • Bluesound node 2i

  • DAC: Denafrips Pontus 2

  • Amp: Kinki Studio ex-m1

  • Speaker : ATC scm11v2

I hope you like it Ken, it has been a pleasure dealing with you.

Good luck with your business!

Jean-Francois @ Canada

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