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Record player
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Wonderful system with CDT2-MK3

As requested here is a picture of the system. Speakers are triple stacked quad ESL 57. Completely rebuilt in a steel frame although they are about 20 year old now. Room is 20/30 with vaulted ceiling.

  • Transport is Jay's Audio CDT2-MK3

  • DAC is an AudioGD R8 mk2

  • Preamp is custom made with separate power supply

  • Amps are also custom made by the same maker of the preamp

The whole system is fully Balanced from source to amp. The power amp is 600 watts at 8ohm 1200 at 4ohm and 2000 into 2. Each amp has 600k uf of capacitor in the power supply.

All cables were built by myself speaker cables are modified Mogami coaxial.

The whole system is about 20 year old the newest pieces are the Transport and DAC which were added in April. All the acoustics are home made. It’s a constant change as I learn how to improve the sound with the acoustics.

I would say most don’t believe in acoustic treatment but it works.

After so many years it still amazes me how well it sounds and how these huge speakers disappear.

Hope this helps, enjoy.

Bridg @ USA

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1 komentarz

Jeff Simpson
Jeff Simpson
02 lis 2022

Beautiful system, I love the hand made pre and amps! They go well with the CDT and DAC. Love the triple stacked Quads, fantastic.

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