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Record player
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World Premier Review: Jay's Audio CDT3-MK3


"THE TESTED TRANSPORT AND DAC are built the way the best audio components are built . Minor shortcomings related to buttons and remote controls are to be overcome. Both the mechanical construction and the components are fantastic. Our own solutions also deserve respect.

Also the sound, both in the system and separately, of the tested devices is excellent. Of the two, I was most impressed by transport, but only because it is a dying species, so it attracts more attention .

The devices sound incredibly smooth and full, but without closing the upper midrange. Their sound can be slightly sweetened, warmed and rounded, but they are not designed to serve a larger whole. the most important thing is that the devices give a lot of real, inexhaustible joy in listening to music and operating them. The Chinese tiger showed its claws ..."

(Translated from Polish to English via Google Translator)


Editor of High Fidelity (Poland)

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