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Record player
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Wow, the information that was coming from the cd was mind-boggling!

After reading on an audio forum and researching about Jay's Audio CD Transport, I decided to purchase the CDT2-MK2 transport.

The first thing that you notice when receiving the cd transport is that it is packaged meticulously to protect the unit from damage during shipping. Well done! It was very easy to set up! I had requested that the unit come to me pre-configured for my PS Audio DSD DAC, which they did, so I was able to plug the transport in and start playing!

Out of the box I was immediately aware of space around the instruments and increased details. I listened for about 2 hours and the bass and presentation kept improving!

I realize that this machine takes a while to burn in, but with the short playing time, it is already proving to be a winner with me!

The second night, I let it play for an hour before I sat down then listened for another 2 hours. The details kept improving and so was the bass - more bass than I had expected from the cd's!

Wow, the information that was coming from the cd was mind-boggling! The music and sound stage just sounds right, natural, so easy to listen to!

I am very happy that I chose to purchase this unit from Jay's Audio - so thank you to them for a great product!

Alvin was very helpful through the process, reassuring me all the way through until I received the unit.

Thanks for all of your help, Alvin!

Credit: Tom I.

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Aug 17, 2021

Grateful for shharing this

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